What are Spy Lashes Extensions?

Spy Lashes extensions are single, semi-permanent faux mink lashes that lengthen and thicken your natural eyelashes.  Each lash hair is carefully glued to your natural eyelash using Spy Lashes medical-grade, weightless lash bonding adhesive creating a natural, flawless look.  Because of this meticulous application, your lashes will look and feel completely REAL.  Spy Lashes extensions are resistant to water, perspiration, tears, sleeping, swimming and make-up application.  Only certified stylists who have received appropriate training should use this application process.  Self-application is strongly discouraged. 

What are Faux Mink lashes made out of?

Spy Lashes Faux Mink eyelashes are made from a mixture of natural and synthetic fibers and are inspired by 100% Mink Fur eyelashes.  Each lash is thicker at the base and comes to a fine point at the tip, and either curves or remains straight to replicate your natural eyelashes.  Faux mink eyelash extensions are more durable, glossy and slightly heavier than real mink extensions so they can withstand a little bit more “wear and tear”.   Washing your face, removing eye make-up, swimming, working out, and gentle friction won’t be a problem!

What are the Benefits of wearing Spy Lashes extensions?

Most clients who choose to wear individual eyelash extensions are looking for a way to lengthen and add volume to their natural lashes without the bulky look of falsies.  Clients who have naturally light colored lashes can darken their lashes with Spy Lashes extensions.  Fuller eyelashes create a youthful, bright-eyed, and rejuvenated look.  You reduce your make-up cost and application time due to the full look at the base of the extension; it looks like you’re wearing eye make-up already! 

What does the eyelash extension look and feel like?

The Faux Mink lashes look and feel completely natural.  There are several different lengths and shapes to match each client’s unique lash line. They are flexible, crimp resistant, weigh the same as a natural lash and move with your natural lashes.  The key to having great looking lashes is keeping up with touch-up applications so that it remains impossible to tell if you’re wearing extensions.

How long does the extensions last?

As long as the client keeps up with their touch up applications, the look can be maintained indefinitely. The Faux Mink lash will fall out with the natural lash it is attached to when it reaches the end of its growth cycle. A Spy Lashes stylist will add extensions to the newest mature natural lash typically once every 2 to 4 weeks in order to replace any lashes that have shed.

How long does the procedure take?

The procedure normally takes about 90 to 120 minutes to apply a full set of Faux Mink extensions, depending on the expertise and experience of the stylist.  Touch-up applications can be done in as little as 45 to 60 minutes.

If I have no eye lashes, can I still wear lash extensions?

Please contact a Spy Lashes Consultant to receive a consultation in order to determine the best possible option for you.  We recommend only applying extensions to mature, healthy eyelashes to maintain the health of your natural lash line. 

Can you describe the application process?

Once comfortably settled on a massage table, your lash stylist will conduct a thorough consultation to examine your natural lash line and will ask a few questions about your desired look.  Hydrating under-eye pads are then applied while you relax with your eyes closed.  Each extension is then applied one at a time with no discomfort or pain involved.  The application process is so comfortable most clients drift off to sleep, so feel free to bring your ipod and enjoy some relaxing music while your lashes are being pampered.  

Is it safe to apply the extensions to my own eyelashes?

No.  You should only have a professionally trained stylist perform this procedure due to the strength of the glue being used.  Unprofessional application or self-application may cause eye injury, damage to natural lashes or unnatural looking lashes.

How much does the service cost?

Depending on how full you would like your lashes, your first full set will range from $175-$200.  After that, only touch-up applications are necessary to maintain a full and glamorous look which range from $65-$70. 

Where can I find a certified Spy Lashes stylist?

Click here for a complete list of professionally certified trained stylist nationwide.  Each SpyLashes stylist listed has completed a comprehensive Training Workshop and has performed numerous successful eyelash extension applications.

How Can I become a Spy Lashes stylist? ?

For more information on our training workshops, Click Here!